Friday, August 5, 2011

5 Summer Savings Tips

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Nationwide Biweekly Administration Savings Tips.

Saving money is possible year round by being conscious of your energy usage and paying attention to the thermostat. In summer, as temperatures soar and air conditioners work overtime, energy bills spiral out of control and break many people’s budgets.  Here are a few tips by Nationwide Biweekly Administration for saving money during the warmer months

·         Turn off the dryer. Take your freshly laundered clothes and let the sun and summer breeze do the drying for you.   The resulting difference in your power bill will be significant.

·         Cook outside.  Especially in the summer, using the oven creates a lot of excess heat that has nowhere to go except your house, taxing your air conditioning and driving the bills higher and higher to maintain a comfortable temperature.  Fire up the barbeque grill for delicious summer meals that won’t heat up the house’s interior.

·         Turn off the air conditioning.   Okay, this is not realistic if you live in Florida, Southern Nevada, Arizona and a handful of other all hot all the time locations.  In other areas though, where the weather does fluctuate, you can save money by simply paying attention to the weather. In coastal California for instance, you rarely need air conditioning at night as the marine layer cools off the air considerably. Turn off the air conditioning before heading to bed, open some windows, turn on the ceiling fans and enjoy a lower power bill.

·         Check and/or replace your air conditioning filters.  A dirty filter can increase your cooling costs unnecessarily.  Dirty air filters restrict airflow and the efficiency of the air conditioner causing more run time and higher cooling bills.  When you factor in how cheap filters are and how expensive air conditioning bills are, you’re not likely to forget to check your filters again!

·         Plan ahead  At the end of summer you’ll notice season ending sales. If you give some thought to next year’s landscaping and garden projects you can pick up the supplies at up to half off.

By following these five easy tips you can reduce your power bills and the strain on your air conditioner greatly this summer.

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