Monday, June 13, 2011

Lets Talk About The Word Mortgage - Nationwide Biweekly Administration

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Nationwide Biweekly Administration - Mortgage, a nasty word that all home owners hate to say and hear. An astronomically large loan from a bank that a person will spend thirty years of their life repaying. Sounds terrible right? However there are ways around having a completely negative look at mortgages and actually cheating the system. Little tricks from companies like Nationwide that offer bi-weekly payments is a huge advantage. Now bi-weekly payments are beneficial as it is, but they actually are used best and most effective when it comes to mortgages.

            So why are these bi weekly payments so beneficial to paying off your mortgage?The reason being is since a mortgage is a loan over a long period of time, there are tons of payments due. If you make payments every fourteen days instead of every thirty-one then your making thirteen more payments a year! Each extra payment you are making trims a little extra interest off because interest is a cumulative factor. This makes your total loan amount go down! After awhile all these extra payments and little bit of interest trims really start to add up! During a thirty year mortgage if a person continually makes bi-weekly payments instead of monthly they can pay off their mortgage a whole six to eight years faster! Thats almost like cutting off 1/3 of your loan! Since it is paid off in less time, there is less money paid in interest. This means it cuts down the total amount of money you pay, interest and principal. Not only is this saving you an astronomical amount of money but bi-weekly payments coincide with most peoples pay check schedules. This makes it possible to have a continual flow of money to paying off your mortgage. This way you are less likely to fall behind in your mortgage and the best part is even if you do miss a payment you can make it up since your using bi-weekly payments. The reason is because paying every fourteen days instead of thirty-one it cuts your bill size in half. That way if you miss one payment, the penalty isn't as harsh and hopefully by the time the next payment is a due, there will have been ample time for the person to recover. Now I know this seems like a small thing but it really isn't. Falling behind in mortgages is a huge problem and even recently caused the largest economic downturn we’ve seen in decades!

            As you can see when it comes to paying off a mortgage, using bi-weekly payments is definitely the strategy to use! In a mortgage most of the monthly payments go to interest and thats where the costs really start to build up! With bi-weekly payments this eliminates a lot of those costs and cuts down the amount of time it takes you to pay back the loan. With all of these benefits, its pretty simple to see why bi weekly payments is the best strategy to use!

Nationwide Biweekly Administration

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