Monday, April 4, 2011

Clearing The Clutter From Your Life! | Nationwide Biweekly Administration

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Nationwide Biweekly Administration savings tips.

Look around your house. Chances are there are areas of clutter than you can reduce. But before you head off to the Salvation Army to donate it, consider selling it instead. From Garage Sales to Craigslist to EBay, Etsy and beyond, there are ways to make a few bucks off the stuff you simply don’t want anymore.

Garage sales are pretty easy and can encompass everything from that ratty couch you’ve had since college to art, music, clothing and beyond. You might want to check out neighborhood Garage sales before having one of your own. After all, it would stink to find out you charged $5 for something but a garage sale down the street had no problems unloading the same item for $15.  It comes down to knowing your neighborhood’s demographic. Lots of recent college grads or artistic types? Keep the prices low. Young-ish urban professionals as neighbors, raise the price just a bit. Be sure to advertise by putting flyers on light poles and near intersections. If you live in a neighborhood of apartment buildings, see if you can post a flyer in their lobbies.


Not sure those early morning all day sitting on the sidewalk with all the stuff you don’t want garage sales are for you? Well thanks to a rather ingenious guy named Craig, you have options. Craigslist is ubiquitous with garage sales these days, only this garage sale is completely virtual.  Chances are if you’re searching for something – say, 6 foot fake Christmas tree – you will find in on craigslist. I knew someone who purchased big rubber bins for moving at Target. Once they were unpacked, they were listed on craigslist (for slightly more than she’d paid for them even!) and within 90 minutes, they had been picked up and cool hard cash lined the wallet of the seller.  Craigslist is free to post.

Sitting on something you don’t want that is vintage, unique, or collectible? Take it to EBay and list it in the appropriate categories. Designer clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry, sports memorabilia, watches, vintage lunchboxes. If you can think of a product, someone is selling it on EBay.  And in the best case scenario, a bidding war might break out over your Partridge Family Thermos from your old lunchbox and you might find yourself reaping a bit of a windfall!  Nationwide Biweekly Administration

If you’re a crafty type or have a bunch of vintage clothing, jewelry, handbags and shoes, Etsy is a good resource. This online craft-market allows users to create their own stores and set the price for their goods.

By using one, all or some combination of these tips, you’ll soon find yourself free of clutter and flush with cash.  Nationwide Biweekly Administration

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