Monday, March 21, 2011

Springing Into Savings Action - Tips By Nationwide Biweekly Administration

Nationwide Biweekly Administration Tips - Spring has sprung and people across the country are starting to think about one thing: vacation. The tradition of the annual summer vacation is as American as Apple Pie, Baseball, and Golden Retrievers. However, we’re living in somewhat shaky economic times and you may not have $5,000 to throw down for a family cruise to the Caribbean. Let’s take a look at some ways to save money for vacation.


Take a look around the house. What can you live without? Satellite TV? A big family plan on your cell phones? High Speed Internet at home? A Gym Membership you don’t, or rarely, use? Monthly expenses such as utilities, satellite or cable television and cell phone bills can be the thing that makes or breaks a family’s budget. Do you have both a home phone and a cell phone? Is there a specific reason you need both? If not you can cut out your traditional landlines completely and just exist with a cell phone.

Nationwide Biweekly Administration Tips

Speaking of that cell phone – how many minutes do you use? Is there a way for you to cut back on your monthly plan to save a little money? Consider switching to a pre-paid cell phone provider and experience a cheaper bill and the freedom of not being beholden to a set in stone contract from one of the major cell phone providers.

Another big monthly expense is television. How do you get your broadcast – from a cable provider or satellite provider? Have you explored the alternatives? Sometimes you can cut close to $100 a month from your budget by changing providers.

Internet can be another big ticket item. Cable modems are expensive if not “bundled” together with cable service. DSL’s are relatively inexpensive, but also notoriously prone to outages. Look into lower cost alternatives in your neighborhood. In some places everything from free neighborhood wifi to cell phone tethering is available for your Internet use.  Nationwide Biweekly Administration

Finally, few amongst us have not been, at one time or another, paying for a gym membership that we do not use. Whether you’re monthly dues are $19 or $190, if you are not going to the gym on a regular basis, you are basically throwing this money away each month. Even if you do go to the gym regularly, you may be able to trade the gym for the outdoors and save that money anyway. Running, jogging or power walking down a city street or country road is free.

By taking a few, or all, of these steps, and putting the money you’ve saved into a vacation account, you’ll be packing your swimsuits and sunscreen and heading off for some fun in no time at all. Nationwide Biweekly Administration

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