Friday, February 4, 2011

Nationwide Biweekly Talks About The Rise In Home Sales

Nationwide Biweekly Administration:  Home Sales On The Rise

The economy has been rough these past few years, but there are big signs of a turn around, especially in home sales on the horizon.  After years of bleak outlook on the home sales front, recent data suggests that a larger than expected rise in home sales is a trend and not just an anomaly.   With a surplus of existing homes on the market, prices have continued to fall, making it an ideal situation for those in the market for a new or first time home.

Cities who experienced the biggest growth during the housing boom and have been in a high foreclosure state ever since have the most ground to gain. With home values at recent lows, they have become affordable to a whole new demographic of home buyers. Nationwide Biweekly Administration, one of the country’s leading administrators of biweekly mortgage plans, has been tracking home sales throughout this interesting economic climate the country has faced for the past three years.  The results have made it clear: the uptick in home sales is here to stay.

Economic recovery doesn’t happen overnight, but the long hard climb back to accelerating sales every month in the real estate industry has been taking shape over the past 18 months.  From Hartford to Honolulu, from Milwaukee to Mobile, from Charlotte to Chicago  - home sales are on the rise and excited buyers are in the market for mortgages in higher numbers that at any time in the past 36 months.  

Home buyers looking to make the smart choice will turn to Nationwide Biweekly Administration for its Interest Minimizer plan. A biweekly mortgage plan gives you the most bang for your buck, so to speak. Consider the case of a $2000 per month mortgage payment. Over the course of one calendar year, the home owner would make 12 payments totally $24,000.  If those same home owners had a biweekly plan through Nationwide Biweekly Administration, they would still make payments totaling $2000 per month, but they’d be split into two payments of $1000 each. Over the course of one calendar year, the home owners would make 26 payments totaling $26,000. That’s one full extra payment a year that is applied purely to the loan’s principle. Over the lifetime of the loan that saves the home owners thousands of dollars in interest.

The good news in real estate is that home sales are rebounding at rates that spell economic growth for our country.  People who lost homes a few years ago or people who’ve never owned their own home or people who want a bigger home in a different city – all demographics of home buyers can benefit from a biweekly mortgage plan from Nationwide Biweekly Administration. After all, gaining equity, saving on interest and paying your mortgage off quicker are all good, financially sound ideas!

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