Wednesday, May 19, 2010

All About Nationwide Biweekly Administration

Nationwide Biweekly Administration is proud to be one of the nation’s Largest and most recognized administrators for bi-weekly programs. Nationwide Biweekly's Industry leading program, The Interest Minimizer, is helping hundreds of thousands of Americans save billions of dollars in interest charges.

Nationwide Biweekly Administration is a fully licensed, bonded and registered with FinCEN as a Money Services Business. Our corporate office is located in the State of Ohio and is audited annually by the state to insure strict compliance to all State and Federal Regulations. Nationwide Biweekly Administration is also listed with Dunn and Bradstreet. D&B can provide business summary and information about the background of Nationwide Biweekly and its senior management.

Through the Interest Minimizer Program, NBA processes billions of dollars worth of mortgages to hundreds of thousands of customers. All payments are securely processed through the Federal ACH Banking System with our banking partners. When your funds are withdrawn from your account and received by your lender, your local bank remains responsible under regulation E of the Federal Reserve for your money. Under the regulation E policy, funds debited from your account are protected against fraud or loss for a period of sixty (60) days from the drafting date. This represents your ultimate and complete protection!

The key to the success of Nationwide Biweekly Administration is the world-class courteous and friendly staff. We ensure that only the best, brightest and most customer-oriented employees come to work for NBA. During our rigorous three-step interviewing process applicants are qualified that they have the aptitude and attitude to succeed. In addition, we pay our front line Savings Analysts well above industry standard- which guarantees low turnover and high-caliber personnel. This means you will have professional, qualified and enthusiastic people working on your behalf.

8 Great reasons to use Nationwide Biweekly Administration

• You can eliminate 6-10 years and tens of thousands of dollars in interest charges off a 30-year loan. That’s a lot of money!

• You’ll dramatically accelerate your equity regardless of how long you stay in your home. Just think what you can do with that extra equity and interest savings.

• We work for you and not your lender. The average number of years of a mortgage loan with one particular lender is only 4-5 years, so you’ll be secure in the knowledge that if you stay with NBA you can transfer your bi-weekly program to ANY lender at no extra charge. Wherever your loan goes, we go with it.

• Interest Minimizer works with all kinds of loans including credit card debt, equity loans, auto loans, student loans, and many others. Your mortgage lender cannot offer this same service. It’s an additional way to save even more interest charges.

• Our money back savings guarantee ensures that if you don’t earn your fee back in additional equity and interest savings, you can keep the equity that has been earned and we will refund you all of your money.

• NBA is the only bi-weekly administrator to offer PayCheck Guardian which will pay your mortgage for up to four months if you involuntarily lose your job. No other administrator can provide this valuable service.

• NBA provides an annual audit (upon request) of your loan to keep the lender 100% accountable

• Our highly trained customer service department looks out for your best interest to insure that any additional principal payments are being applied correctly to your loan by your lender

Nationwide Biweekly

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